Giorgio Scolari

Giorgio Scolari was born in 1952 in Castelnuovo del Zappa (Cremona). He was a student of G. B. Morassi and P. Sgarabotto, at the International School of Violin Making where he graduated in 1970. He worked with Morassi until 1976 and then opened his own workshop. He is also Vice President at the school where he has been teaching since 1972. He models his work after the classical Cremonese school style and uses a varnish of orange-yellow red color. The following is his message:

There exists an art which brilliantly melts into it sculpture, painting, assembly techniques, acoustics and mechanics. That art which came into blossom around us and which elevated Cremona to absolutely incontestable supremacy shared only by few in the world that art is Liuteria (musical instrument making).

This art is capable of translating harmony, rhythm, color images, one’s own emotions, impulses, and sensitivities into sound. In a word, it must give life and form to one’s interior world.

While learning previously perfected techniques and with my passions sustained throughout the school period, I always sought to honor the great Cremonese tradition of musical instrument making.

Even though it is said that its zenith was reached 250 years ago, it has never ceased to evolve and improve, while in recent years it has arrived at a prestigious height in the entire world.