Renato Scrollavezza

Togliani in 1927. In 1944, He began his career by self-teaching. At the age of 24, he took his latest violin to the SCUOLA INTERNAZIAL DI LIUTERIA DI CREMONA and he was encouraged to enter the scuola by maestro Peter Talar. He obtained his diploma in 1955, and moved to Parma. After winning numerous prizes he taught violin making at both the CONSERVATORIO A. BOITO DI PARMA and the SCUOLA COMMMUNALE DI LIUTERIA DI MILANO from 1975. In 1980 he was invited as the guest of honor to the International Exhibition of Contemporary violin Making in Tokyo and Osaka. He created 185 violins, 56 violas, 37 violincellos, 3 contrabasses, 2 viola d’amore, one lute, and other string instruments.

He describes his work as: The model of the violin is personal, but of course it has been inspired by the traditional Cremonese model on the lines of Amati and Stradivari. The model has great elegance and plasticity. The varnish used is generally orange-red of mixed composition (essential oil and alcohol).